About The Flicks Community Movie Houses

The Flicks Community Movie Houses are the only independent movie houses in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which offer big screen movies in air conditioned movie rooms to the expatriate community.

Our main facts:

  • The Flicks Community Movie Houses are The Flicks 1 (Street 95), The Flicks 2 (Street 136), The Flicks 3 (Street 258) and between December and March The Flicks Open Air Cinema (Street 57).
  • The Flicks are fully volunteer-run mini movie theaters that contain a drinks and snacks bar and comfortable air conditioned movie theaters where you can watch the movies from soft cushions or comfy rattan sofas.
  • You can reserve your seats for every screening out our venues through our online reservation form. Reserved seats have priority. You can pay for your tickets at the venue, at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the movie. After this time your reservations becomes void.
  • Our three venues are available for private screenings, which is ideal for birthday parties, church screenings or if you just want to have the entire theatre for yourself.
  • If you wish to volunteer at The Flicks (for a minimum of 3 weeks and including free accommodation), find us in Phnom Penh on www.workaway.info. We only accept applications through this website.
  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter, this way you receive our schedule every week in your mailbox.
  • The Flicks is the official venue of the Phnom Penh International Film Festival (PPIFF) that takes place every fall in Phnom Penh.
  • The Flicks has strict house rules. One of them is that you are not allowed to use your (smart)phone during any screening. If you prefer to use your phone (to check the time, to text a friend, to check your facebook updates or to even make a phone call), we stop the movie for you. And then we kindly request you to leave the venue.


The Flicks 1 in 2011.The New-Zealand couple Martin and Jeanette Robinson founded The Flicks Festival Movie House in early 2009. They renovated a pre-Khmer Rouge villa into one with an air conditioned movie room and a bar on the second floor. In March 2011 Dutch serial entrepreneur Ramon Stoppelenburg took over the business, after an online fund-raising to save the movie house from closure. The lobby got renovated and fully air conditioned and the front balcony got a large and leafy terrace extension. The Flicks 1 can seat 32 people.

The Flicks 2

Because of the high popularity of the initial first movie house, the demand rose for a second location more in the center. A brand new movie venue was constructed on #90, Street 136, next to 11 Happy Backpackers Hotel. The Killing Fields screens daily at The Flicks 2 and is sold out daily. The Flicks 2 can seat 20 people.

The Flicks 3

The Flicks 3 on #8, Street 258, between Wat Botum Park and the Cambodiana Hotel, opened its doors in August 2014 and is the first venue that is also a restaurant, cocktail bar and guesthouse. The Flicks 3 can seat 30 people.

The Flicks Open Air Cinema

The Flicks Open Air Cinema was launched in December 2012 as the first regular open air cinema in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, taking place every two weeks on a Thursday night at Gasolina Restaurant on #57, Street 95. The Flicks 3 only runs in the dry season months from December until May.

The Flicks financially supports social and cultural events in the Phnom Penh expat community (like the Phnom Penh Players Theatre Group, the Comedy Club Cambodia, Verbal High’s Comedy Nights, Nerd Night Phnom Penh and performances of The Vagina Monologues and various art and musical events).