Everything You Need To Know About The Flicks

You’re here because you love movies. Well, so do we.

And we like to make you feel at home! This is the lobby of The Flicks 1:

Here are our main facts:

    • The Flicks is a volunteer-run local community space, financed by 109 people, founded in 2009. All profits are re-invested into the movie house itself and to support social and cultural events in the Phnom Penh expat community (like the Phnom Penh Players theatre group, Nerd Night Phnom Penh and performances of The Vagina Monologues and art events at various venues) as well as various expatriate-oriented websites (Khmer440.com, LadyPenh.com, etc).

    • We have three locations: The Flicks 1 (the big one) on #39b, Street 95, The Flicks 2 on #88, Street 136 (riverside area) and The Flicks 3 on #8, Street 258 (between Wat Botum and Hotel Cambodiana)
  • During the dry season we also have open air cinema nights at The Flicks Open Air @ Gasolina. This will be from December to March bi-monthly on Thursday evenings.
    • The cover charge is $3.50 per day per venue.
    • We screen legal HD quality big screen edition of the latest blockbusters, classics and documentaries on the 6-meter wide screen at The Flicks 1 and on the 5-meter wide screen at The Flicks 2 and The Flicks 3.
    • Your seats are soft and comfortable cushions on the floor or soft rattan sofas.
    • The Flicks sincerely prohibits talking and texting during the film. Anyone who violates this policy is subject immediate removal from all premises.
    • The Flicks Community Movie Houses are the official screening venues for the annual Phnom Penh International Film Festival in September. You can buy an All Access Pass ahead for $25 per person or pay $2 per screening.

Whatever film you watch, The Flicks Movie Houses are pretty much the same same, but better.

Located smack in the middle of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, since 2008, The Flicks 1 Community Movie House has become a place that can seat 32 people and features high quality blockbusters, documentaries and the classics on a 6-meter/19 feet wide big screen and servicing the local expat community.




The Flicks 2 is located on #90 on Street 136 in the city center and can seat a total of 20 people with screenings on a 5-meter wide screen.

The Flicks 3 is located on #11, Street 258, and also features a big lounge area, bar, restaurant and a 10-bed dormitory for stay-overs. The movie room fits 26 people with screenings on a 5-meter wide screen.

All movie rooms are – of course – air conditioned!

All bars at The Flicks serves ice cold drinks, fresh made popcorn, finger food as well as hot snacks from our local suppliers or attached restaurants. Enjoy it all with a cold Kingdom Beer!


Opening times

We are mostly open half an hour before every first scheduled movie session.
Mon – Fri 3.30pm – 11pm
Sat – Sun 9.30am – 11pm (no morning sessions in August)


Also available for private screenings

The Flicks Movie Houses are available for private sessions at most possible times. You can have the entire movie room for yourself if you want to throw a party for your office, your NGO, your kids or just for yourself and your friends. And you can pick your own movie to screen! Contact us for the attractive rates and to discuss available dates and times.


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Volunteer at The Flicks

We can always use volunteers at The Flicks Movie Houses and we receive our volunteers via www.workaway.info, as we offer free accommodation in return for help. Interested in volunteering? Contact us!


Our location

You can find The Flicks 1 Community Movie House at

#39B, Street 95
12304 BKK3
Phnom Penh

The movie house can be found two houses north of the Martini Pub and right next to
The Terrace on 95, between Street 310 and 360. Just look for the big Kingdom Beer sign and our extended balcony with all the lights!